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Project le Monde

School Project le Monde is a Surrey-based charity working to build schools in Uganda.

With the school in Kyengera complete, we now need to raise £20,000 to build our second school, The Divine Preparatory School, Gombe, Kampala.

It is a school of 250 pupils and is in great need of better buildings and improved facilities.

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Educational opportunities in medicine

Working in Africa offers a life changing and challenging opportunity to experience medicine in an African setting. You will see malaria, TB, and HIV as well as other tropical diseases and malnutrition conditions rarely seen in developed countries. More importantly you will see the socio-economic effects of such illnesses and how they impact on young people and children. You will come to understand how differing cultural interpretations of ‘illness’ can change the management of it.

SchoolTeaching opportunities

Project le Monde is offering qualified teachers and teachers in training a short-term teaching placement in Uganda.

Teachers will be able to experience teaching nursery or primary children in a developing country, deliver interactive, engaging and innovative lessons and offer Ugandan teachers knowledge of new teaching styles and resources.

Whilst doing this, they will be able to gain a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) qualification. The trips also include opportunities for fun activities with a taste of Ugandan culture, with a cultural show, museum trip and an amazing 3-day safari. This is a mutually beneficial educational opportunity which would help Project le Monde provide a sustainable future for the school we have assisted in building.

"We believe that providing underprivileged communities in Uganda with good quality school buildings can significantly improve the educational experience and life prospects of thousands of children."