Film 'Positive Women' has its UK premier


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A Kampala slum

BBC documentary maker Bex Deveraj and anthropologist Anne Lotter were invited to the Kampala slums to film the lives of six women, who share their stories of heartache, hope and living with HIV in a place where every day is a struggle for survival. The result was Positive Women, an intimate and moving portrayal of the women, covering everything from polygamous marriage, to being bewitched, to dreams of driving a car. This documentary gives a voice to a community who’ve never had one. Anne hopes it will help move our understanding beyond an acceptance of oppressor vs. oppressed and look instead at the power dynamics in a system where men as a group dominate women as a group, both structurally and ideologically.

Positive Women was first screened to an enthusiastic crowd of Brunel Anthropology students to mark World AIDS Day in December 2017, followed by a first public screening and Q&A at the Exeter Phoenix cinema on Wednesday 7th March (6pm) to mark International Women's Day 2018.  A trailer for the film can be found at  We will soon be announcing where it can be seen at a London cinema.