Radnor House School Uganda


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David Paton

Radnor House School Uganda is delighted to receive Christmas Cards from pupils at Radnor House Sevenoakes.  Radnor House Uganda is officially opened by Executive Principle of Radnor House Schools, Mr David Paton.

Project Le Monde has been busy working for the last three years with the Friends of Radnor House School, to help raise funds and build a much needed school in a very poor rural district on the north shore of Lake Victoria called Namakoko. 

An exciting day last October when the school was officially opened by David Paton.   Pupils have until now had all their lessons under a tree, and this new building will significantly improve both their educational experience and life prospects. It will also mean that pupils can sit their Primary Leavers Exam, enabling some of them to go on to secondary school, something which has not been possible in the community until now. We had such a warm welcome from the whole community, pupils sang beautifully and Headmaster Moses said "Thanks to your efforts, the pupils are so encouraged.