Who we are

Our Ethos

We believe that providing underprivileged communities in Uganda with good quality school buildings can significantly improve the educational experience and life prospects of thousands of children.

We also believe that by working with trusted local people in Uganda, we can deliver this infrastructure in an efficient, transparent manner, while striving for value for money.

Story so far

In 2010 two Ugandans, Mrs Kyakulumbye and Mrs Sanyu began fundraising to help AIDS orphans in their local community in Kyengera, Kampala. They had been trained by AIDS Care Education and Training (ACET). 

They started looking for a piece of land for a school, and after a long struggle they managed to buy 2 acres of land. They started the build using iron sheets but progress was slow due to a lack of funds. 

Around this time Mrs Kyakulumbye's son, Sam Nayinda met with a project member in the UK in the UK and started telling him the story of the school. They agreed to form a partnership and turn the vision of a school into a reality.

Using an entrepreneurial approach coupled with strong links with the local community, the funds were raised and in less than 6 months a patch of wasteland in the village of Kyengera had been transformed into a facility educating children between the ages of 5 and 10 years old. 

After a period of fundraising, Project le Monde were able to build an extension, increasing the potential capacity of the school to 200.

Twenty per cent of school places are free and are allocated to local children who have been orphaned by AIDS,  and children whose parents are unable to afford the school fees.

We are currently fundraising to complete our third classroom block at the school, and allow the children to finish their primary education here.  The third classroom block will complete the provision of 6 school classrooms and a baby class.  Teachers accommodation has also been started here and the school has gone from strength to strength, now a thriving community school.



Anne Lotter

Joint Founder, Trustee and CEO

Anne is an anthropologist former press secretary to senior government ministers.  She has travelled extensively in Asia and South America, and has long held an ambition to help improve the lives of children in less fortunate circumstances.

Mark Lynch

Mark Lynch

Joint Founder and Trustee

Mark is a London-based entrepreneur and specialist in orthodontics, who in addition to being an active member of the Scientific Exploration Society, has for many years enjoyed volunteering overseas and using his dental expertise for the benefit of people in developing countries.

John Davies

Group Leader

Whilst practising as a GP in Cornwall, John was actively involved in starting and running Operation Raleigh and Fulcrum Challenge. John has led and been involved in over 100 expeditions worldwide. 

He qualified in tropical medicine at Liverpool Tropical Medical School and holds a Master’s degree in travel medicine from Glasgow University. John has always been active in medical politics and was, until recently, chairman of the British Travel Health Association and is a council member of the Scientific Exploration Society.

Sam Nayinda

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Ugandan Country Manager

Sam is an entrepreneur from Kyengera, Kampala. He has successfully project managed the building and opening of the Kyengera school.

Sue O'Toole

Sue o-toole

Education Adviser

Sue is a retired teacher of children with special needs.  She has a long standing interest in Uganda, making many visits there to assist with educational projects from starting a school to assisting teachers to develop skills in the classroom. 

Colonel John Blashford-Snell


Our patron, former Royal Engineer Colonel John Blashford-Snell, has organised and led over 100 expedition including the first descent of the Blue Nile.  He also led the global expeditions for young people named Operations Drake and Raleigh.

He is president of the Scientific Exploration Society and the Just a Drop water charity.

Lyndon Ogbourne

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Actor, Lyndon Ogbourne, famous for playing the arch villain in ITV's soap opera Emmerdale is another or our patrons.