Mpigi Land

Project Le Monde has helped the community in Mpigi – a community some 40kms outside Kampala - purchase a piece of land where we hope to build a school in future. There are approximately 800 eligible primary-aged children in this area but currently no formal school for them to attend.

We were directed to this community by the Young Women’s Christian Association which has worked with us for a number of years at Joy Primary. We are currently looking for a donor or corporate partner to kick off our fundraising efforts. Our first financial target is to raise £13,000 to build two classrooms, with an overall target of £30,000 for a fully functioning school.

We know we can do this because we’ve done it before. And we know, because we have seen it through our other projects, the positive effect a well-equipped school has on a whole community beyond simply the children whose lives will be transformed.