Your Help

We rely on your support to provide more children in Uganda with the chance they deserve.

You can help us by:


What your money can buy


 £5 to £10 can buy books or stationery


£40 a month, or £480 a year pays for an additional teacher.

£25 a month, or £300 a year, educates a child not currently in school, or enables a child to continue their education at secondary school.


£50 buys 2 x sacks of maize to feed the whole school with porridge for 3 weeks.


£750 buys a cow to provide school children with milk.


£1,000 will equip a classroom area as a library with windows, shelving and books.


£2,000 will enable us to put a borehole in at one of our schools and ensure pupils have access to that most basic of commodities, clean water.  


£10,000 will build a classroom which can be branded with the sponsor’s details.


A one-off donation will help us keep our schools running and will fund new projects to help children succeed.

regular donation

By making a regular commitment, you can fund a teacher at one of our schools, or help us create a new school place.


Each year our supporters take part in challenges and hold fundraising events to raise money for Project Le Monde.