Radnor House in Namakoko

Based in a rural community 75 miles east of Kampala relying heavily on subsistence farming and fishing on Lake Victoria, the challenges faced in this community are significantly different to those closer to the capital. Many of the 400 children have to walk several miles just to get to school and during the dry season the maize we provide is the only meal of the day.

This is our most ambitious project to date and one which has benefitted hugely, both financially and through ongoing relationships with Radnor House schools in Twickenham and Sevenoaks in the UK. It is largely thanks to considerable fundraising by the Friends of Radnor House that brick classrooms have been built and equipment provided.

Fundraising started in 2013 when the community was identified by the Church of God in Uganda as an area in need of a school. Land was purchased by the church and Project Le Monde agreed to campaign to raise the funds for the buildings. The school was formally opened in 2016 – previously lessons had been conducted under a large tree.

More recently, we have worked with local builders to create a veranda outside the classrooms making it both easier and safer for children to enter and leave the buildings. Some of the classrooms have been plastered inside with blackboards fitted to walls. Solar panels have been fitted thanks to the fundraising efforts of a charity in Oxted and a toilet block has been built.

In October 2019, a group of sixth form students from Radnor House in the UK will make a five-day trip to the school with Inspire Worldwide. This will raise money for Project Le Monde and during their stay the visitors will assist local builders with the construction of a shelter for the school guard, the creation of a kitchen garden and an innovative outdoor cooker which burns less fuel than conventional fires.