By making a regular donation to Project Le Monde of £300 a year, or £25 a month, we can provide a place in one of our schools for underprivileged children.

Many African children do not have access to primary education because their families simply can't afford to send them to school. Even those lucky enough to receive a primary education often drop out before secondary school, which limits their future career opportunities. With your help we can get more children into education.

If you decide to make a regular commitment through our sponsorship scheme, you and your family will be given the chance to follow the stories of the children in our schools to help you gain a better understanding of what it is like to live in a community in Africa.

Individual children who will represent the hundreds of children in our schools, will share details about their life and their aspirations. 


You will receive a termly update from Project Le Monde, specially written for supporters like you to keep you up to date on how your donations are changing lives.

Like most similar charities, Project Le Monde has decided not to run a sponsorship scheme where a single supporter funds the education of a single child. Your money will go to support the work in our schools in Uganda and will help create new school places for primary-aged children not currently receiving education.

If you would like to participate in the sponsorship scheme please see our Donation page. You will need to select the single payment option and specify £300 as the amount. Please make sure you include your full name, email and clearly mark this as sponsorship, so that we can add you to our mailing list of sponsors.


For more information, or for alternative payment methods, please contact Anne at anne@projectlemonde.org.uk.